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Heckington Show

Little’un is besotted with animals at the moment – she loves “reading” about them and watching them on telly but she especially likes seeing them in the flesh – so yesterday we took her to Heckington Show to see the “ammals”.

Here are some of our favourites :).
The Rasta Sheep (A Lincoln Longwool)

A ball of fluff with bunny ears.

Some inquisitive ducklings.  Lucy was really taken with them and they were for sale at £5 each… soooooo tempting but I had to be sensible and leave them behind :(.

A pile of pink baby piggies 🙂 all fast asleep.


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Little’un’s favourite sleeping position 🙂

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Chocolate Cake

On Saturday we went to Deckchair’s 33rd birthday party, so that we could take the piss out of him for being older than me :D.  We took him wine and sweeties as a present, and then stopped on the way to buy an emergency birthday cake for him as BabiesEverywhere had eaten the original one (to be fair to her Deckchair’s birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago and she is 38 weeks pregnant ;)).

We had a really lovely afternoon and evening.  Little’un chased cats all afternoon.  We ate BBQ food and drank wine (the non pregnant and non drivers amongst us anyway!).  By the end of the evening there was only the Yorkshireman, Little’un, BabiesEverywhere, Deckchair and I left so we got to talk babies without boring anyone senseless.

Little’un with the emergency birthday cake   

She can’t shove it in fast enough!    

Mmmmmm I love chocolate cake 🙂    

(Update – I’ve had an email from Deckchair telling me that BabiesEverywhere has eaten the big tub of cola bottles that Lucy bought him for his birthday.  After I’d told Little’un that she wasn’t allowed them because they were for Deckchair.  Well, Dackchair will just have to live with the fact that his baby has eaten them all, and learn to get used to it! :D)

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The Yorkshireman and I went to York Races last Saturday. I’m not particularly a racing aficionado but I’ve always wanted to go – I suppose it would be on my “Things to do at least once before you die!” list, if I had such a thing.

Well we had a fab day out. The weather was hot and sunny. We were in the cheapy section with the other riff-raff so I didn’t have to wear a posh frock and uncomfortable shoes. We had been given some of Father-in-Law’s winnings from backing Italy in the World Cup to have a flutter with. The beer was hideously expensive but cold and free flowing. The In-Laws had taken Little’un to the park so we didn’t have to worry about misplacing our two-year-old whilst indulging in the above vices.

“Did you win anything?” I hear you cry. Did we ‘eckers like. I had a knack for picking donkeys and everything that the Yorkshireman backed to win came in second.

Obviously I’m not meant to make a living by gambling and will have to carry on with gainful employment.

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In Hiding

As many of you know I am the eldest of four children. On the whole we are a healthy lot, although Sibling Two is somewhat accident-prone… however…

About a month ago Sibling Two (the accident-prone one) dislocated his shoulder in a nasty archaeology incident involving a wheelbarrow and a lump of granite. I bet you had no idea that archaeology could be so dangerous, did you? They don’t tell you these things on Time Team. We thought nothing of it at the time (other than showing our obvious concern of course!), just another Sibling Two accident, but…

A week or so after the wheelbarrow incident, Sibling One had an argument with a shower and a ceramic soap dish that resulted in him requiring ten stitches in his back and which left an open wound caused by a missing patch of skin that was inadvertently washed down the plughole. He sent me a picture of the wound. I showed typical sibling sympathy, telling him not to be a baby and it only needed a plaster.

Following Sibling One’s accident, Sibling Three and I had a conversation about who would be next. Fortunately for me, she was right in saying that it would be her. She was taken to A&E a few days later with a suspected broken foot following an accident in a PE lesson at school. Fortunately it wasn’t broken though and she too is on the mend, having had last week off school.

Our Mum reckons that these things happen in threes so I should be fine. I’m not so sure.

So sorry, but I won’t be coming out to play. I am in hiding.

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Yesterday I did the Race for Life. I pushed Lucy round the 5km course in 1 hour and 7 minutes. It was a good day for it – cloudy and a bit windy, which meant that I didn’t get too hot. Pushing a sleeping Little’un against a stiff headwind for a mile was hard work but other than that it wasn’t too tough as I walked all the way round. The Yorkshireman came along to cheer me on my way, together with Kroy and his girlfriend who had come to stay for the weekend.

My preparation for the race was not exactly as recommended, with a Chinese takeaway, wine and vodka the night before and a bloody great fry up on the morning of the race. I figured that I regularly walk that far in a day anyway (it’s not much further than walking into town and back) so there was no need for carb loading and an early night as I am hardly a serious racer.

Regardless of my inability to prepare properly for this race, it is in a very good cause so in the immortal words of Bob Geldof,

Give us your fuckin’ money”,

and sponsor me here.

Thank you 🙂

Just before the start:
And just about to cross the finishing line:

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Little’un is Two

 My little girl is two! Where does the time go? Who stole my baby, who was happy and smiley and giggly and playful, replacing her with this little girl who is happy and smiley and giggly and playful and NOISY???

We are immensely proud of her, needless to say. She loves to chatter to us now, “Breakfast now please Mummy”, “Want picture, crayons paper please Daddy”. If she really wants something she tilts her head slightly to one side, gives you the full force of her blue eyes and says in her best little girl voice, “Please, Mummy!”. How could anyone resist?

Here she is at her party with a bit of icing from her birthday cake. She got loads of brilliant presents including lots of things for the garden so if we have a long hot summer then she will be happy playing outside every weekend :).

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