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A sleeping witch…

…with her familiar


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A Ghostly Image

My little witch wouldn’t keep still but I think this photo came out all the better for it 🙂

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Happy Halloween

We didn’t get many callers this evening, the ones we did get were all cute kids in fancy dress with parents watching from the road. I was more than happy to give them chocolate and E numbers safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t be my child that was too hyper to sleep tonight.

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It’s been a while since I blogged, there has been an awful lot going on.

Out with the old…

Firstly I finally got shot of my old job last Tuesday.  Big big 😀 . The company I worked for and I had definitely come to the end of the rocky road of our relationship. I had caused them too much trouble and they had caused me too much trouble to carry on together. It’s sad that that has happened, but now I am moving on and I definitely feel better for it.

I didn’t leave empty handed though, my former colleagues had been very busy collecting things together for me, including some lovely lead crystal glasses ( far too good for the likes of me!) and some wine to put in them. The glasses will hopefully last me a lifetime. The wine had a rather shorter shelf life.

Inbetweeny bits…

Babies Everywhere and the delectable Babychair came to stay for a couple of days towards the end of last week. Babies Everywhere and I are terrible when we get together. We go shopping. She says “TigerFeet, you need that top for your new job. It’s £10 in the sale and the colour really suits you. You’d be mad not to.” So I spend money.  I say, “Babies Everywhere, you need to buy those fabulous chocolate brown cords to replace the trousers you have on that Babychair has just pooed on. They fit you beautifully and they will go with loads of your tops. You’d be mad not to.” So she spends money. The Yorkshireman and Deckchair must despair.

Babychair is the most beautiful, content baby. Just like Little’un without the colic (touch wood, so far anyway). I could just gobble her up.

I also got to have a drive of The Yorkshireman’s new car.  It is still very big, and still reasonably shiny too.  I made good use of the parking sensors on the back of it, although if you reverse into a parking space with a wall behind it you can’t open the boot if you stop when the sensors tell you to as you’re too close to the wall.  Babies Everywhere was very inpressed with the fact that you have to press a button marked “START” instead of turning a key in the ignition to start the car.  If I’m honest that’s my favourite bit too.

In with the new…

I started the new job on Monday. So far all is going well. I had the prerequisite factory induction day on Monday, all the usual health and safety stuff so all a bit dull as I have worked in factory environments for 5 years now and am not as thick as some of the people the course seems to be aimed at. Tuesday saw my first day in the office and so I wore my shiniest shoes. Unfortunately my shiniest shoes are a bit high heeled and my feet were crippled after walking round the site all day. Wednesday I wore flatties.

I have a two week induction plan that I am currently working through so I’m not doing much work as yet. This will soon change I’m sure. Much shuffling of paper and organising of people will ensue. I am in the mighty position of being able to boss people about even though I’m not anyone’s manager. “YOU, yes, YOU are holding the whole process up. Get yer arse in gear.” 😈 I think I’m going to like it here, although I may have to brush up on my people management skills.

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Blog with the National Trust

Tuesday 17th October 2006 – all you bloggers out there, make a note of this date in your diaries.  This is the day that the National Trust have asked us to take part in the biggest blog in history by posting an entry on the History Matters One Day in History blog site, thereby preserving for posterity a single day from the point of view of thousands of ordinary people.

17th October will be a momentous TigerFeet day – it is my last day in my current job (hurrah!) so I’ll be pissed before I get round to blogging.  Should be interesting.

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Move him with your cursor if he gets stuck.  You can chuck him about this way too.  ‘Tis fab 😀

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This links to a site that directs you to whole series’ worth of full episodes from various classic television programmes.

I’m making good use of it 😀

Especially today because the Mumsnet talk boards have just fallen over.

EDIT:  There is a new link here, the old site has been taken down.

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