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On the whole I don’t think I will be too sorry to see the back of 2006.

Some good stuff happened:

  • Little’un turned two in July and continues to be amazing, clever, beautiful and funny.
  • BabiesEverywhere and Deckchair produced the beautiful Babychair in August.
  • Pewari and I finally met up after 20-odd years.
  • Sibling 1 turned 30 and to celebrate we all went to see Little Britain Live in Sheffield.
  • I met up with Bubbles again after about 6 years or so.
  • I got a new job that seems to suit me very well.
  • I completed the 5km Race for Life and raised about £80 for Cancer Research.
  • We found a little gem of a holiday cottage in Devon and spent a wonderful week there.

Some bad stuff happened:

  • I spent most of the year arguing with my former employer about their lack of soul and heart.  It was all incredibly draining.
  • I spent about six weeks off work while my mind and body went haywire.
  • My former employer found my former blog and all the unsavoury things I had written about them, resulting in a Final Written Warning for me.
  • I realised that the laws set up to protect people like me aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.
  • Both our cars were driven into causing significant damage and we got the same crap courtesy car both times. 
  • There was an unnecessary amount of palaver when it came to getting The Yorkshireman a new car before his old one fell apart.
  • All three siblings came a cropper in various ways.
  • Mumsnet fell out with She Who Shall Not Be Named when they dared to allow their forum members to *gasp* express an opinion.
  • I ended up spending a lot of time being contorted by physiotherapists as my leg, back and shoulder pain became increasingly unbearable.
  • I joined a gym and then became too sore/knackered to continue and was told to stop by my GP.
  • England were shite at football.
  • England were shite at cricket.

Bring on 2007…

A very happy New Year to you all.  Don’t worry, I won’t make you all join hands and sing Auld Lang Syne.


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Expect them to understand that just because they got presents on 25th December, that doesn’t mean that they will get presents on 26th, 27th, 28th…

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Roll up, roll up, come and join in the fun…

It’s Wheel of the Year time again.  Come and join me.  Please.  I’m very lonely at the moment.  Just me, myself and I.

Click here to find out more…

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Yesterday we ate sprouts, and a shedload of other stuff besides, as one does at this time of year.  Sprouts get a bad press in my humble opinion.  Lightly steamed so they are still ever so slightly al dente makes them a delicious accompaniment to any meal.  The oh-so-British tradition of putting them on to boil a week last Tuesday in readiness for Christmas Dinner has ruined them for many people.

The effects on the nether regions of the inhabitants of Tangerine Towers has been as per the standard too.

Today Little’un has been really out of sorts; we went to the coast to blow away some cabin fever and stayed long enough to eat chips then came straight home as she grizzled the whole time.  She didn’t want her sausage or her chips and didn’t even scoop up all available tomato sauce showing she was really feeling unwell.

Once we got home, she farted longly and loudly once every 30 seconds or so for a good hour.  Now she is fine.

Can’t blame it in the sprouts though, she didn’t eat hers.  She popped one into her mouth and she spat it out immediately, pulling the festive “ewwww, sprouts” face.

Must’ve been the stuffing.

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Track Santa with NORAD

Clicky here

At the time of writing, he has been seen in New Zealand, Australia and Japan

(thanks to Pewari for the link)

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According to Little’un, we are getting visits tonight from two fairytale entities.

Better leave out two mince pies then.

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Oh for F**k’s Sake…

… with the expletive shouted really loudly.

These were the words that escaped my lips when, precisely one week after I got my car back after someone had driven into it, I was driving to work in The Yorkshireman’s car and someone drove into me.  Again.

OK, it was foggy – the peasouper that had seemingly grounded all the planes in the UK was particularly bad over the fens, but I had my fog lights on and the traffic was moving slowly.  OK, a roundabout was coming up that you couldn’t actually see through the murk, but I slowed down in plenty of time.  No reason then to be rear-ended by someone who wasn’t paying proper attention.

That didn’t stop the dizzy lass in the car behind me from driving straight into me.

Grrrrrrrrrrr 😡

Her car sustained far worse damage than ours and is a write off.  Thankfully, ours is mendable having only had its bumper removed and spread across the A16, the parking sensors dislodged and the rear door bent.  It’s all going on her insurance as she admitted full liability.

So The Yorkshireman’s car is at the menders.

We have been given the same courtesy car as last time.

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