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Little’un, after seeing The Yorkshireman post-severe-haircut

 Daddy! Your hair’s all gone!  Where it gone? Have you lost it?


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I haven’t abandoned you. I haven’t meant to take such a long break. I’m just a bit busy.

Work is manic. Actually manic is an understatement. Last week Little’un was in danger of forgetting what I look like, which I find incredibly sad and difficult to manage. Unfortunately the £££’s have to be earned and occasional (unpaid) overtime has to be done in order to achieve deadlines. Aside from that, I tend to write the majority of my posts during my lunch break (that short period of the day when my brain is actually working – something to do with diet coke I think) and then email them to myself for uploading at home. I’m not getting too many lunch breaks at the moment. I am a sandwich in front of the screen worker. Good thing I like my job or I would go insane.

Little’un is occupying much of my time outside of work with her potty training antics. We were intending to go for broke this time, no nappies, just her precious Dora the Explorer “Big Girl Pants” (thanks to BabiesEverywhere for that inspired present) but an infection in her nether regions has meant that nursery has banned pants for fear of spreading the infection so we have stalled. Again. This weekend we will go back to pants and try and make her understand that it is far better all round to wee in the potty than to wee on Dora.

We have used the recent good weather to action a full frontal assault on the garden. Everything has been trimmed, pruned and cut into submission. It was hard work and we were being pushed back on occasion, but we won out in the end. The Yorkshireman had great fun with the hedge trimmer and it is now possible to walk down to the shed without having to contort yourself out of the way of the triffids ivy tendrils dangling down from the top of next door’s garage. It looks really good now, although there isn’t much in the way of colour yet other than assorted shades of green. I shall gloss over the fact that the lawn has mainly gone to moss in the shady areas. It looks green and lush from the kitchen window and after all, that’s what really counts.

We have been to Blackpool to see Mum and two out of three siblings (I think there’s a song in there somewhere). It being Easter Weekend when we went, much chocolate was eaten and then tantrums ensued when the two-year-old idea of chocolate as a meal replacement was vetoed. We took her to the Pleasure Beach, they have a mini fairground there for littlies so she got to go on a few rides. Sibling 3 took her on the train and I took her on the Teacups. She had a whale of a time. I refused to buy her a balloon though. I mean, £5 for a helium balloon is too much money. Especially as the £12 we spent on ride tickets didn’t get us very far.

We also stopped at Deckchair & BabiesEverywhere’s new house on the way to watch Babychair’s new crawling trick. She will be up on her feet before her first birthday, you mark my words. She is every bit as beautiful as she was the day I first met her, with the added bonus of being play-with-able these days.

Now look what I’ve done, I’ve wasted valuable lunchbreak time when I could have been doing work stuff. Next thing you know I will be outside in the sunshine during my lunch hour instead of being the dutiful employee. And that just wouldn’t do at all.

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Picture the scene… a mother and daughter on a Monday morning attempting to be on time for nursery/work.  Mother is ready, small child is dragging her feet somewhat. 

Tigerfeet:  Come on Little’un, get your coat on, we’re in a hurry.

Little’un:  Mummy. *rolls eyes*  We’re not in a hurry, we’re in a house.

And she wasn’t lying either.

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