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Tangerinecath rides again 😀 (I am in the middle of the shot, waving the chequered flag)

It was with some surprise and a large dollop of delight that I found myself at the new Wembley Stadium this afternoon – after all it has been a good 3 years since I last saw Blackpool FC in the flesh due to pregnancy, birth and ensuing skintness. The League One Play-off Final was far too good a game to miss though so I persuaded my Mum to come and babysit Little’un (she didn’t need to be asked twice) so that The Yorkshireman, Sibling 3 and I could spend a day travelling to and from London in the persisting rain.

And yes, rain it did. Solidly. All day. But were we downhearted? No! Blackpool emerged victorious after an easy win over a fairly hapless Yeovil so the rain ceased to be an issue.

*happy sigh*

Apologies, as video recorders go, my camera makes a great doorstop so the quality of the films is shocking, but hopefully you’ll get an idea of what it is like at Wembley now.

The new Wembley Stadium is a fantastic place but lacks the soul of the old stadium. In the delapidation of the old Twin Towers you knew you were at Wembley whereas in the new stadium you could be anywhere. The walk up Wembley Way toward the stadium is impressive but without the twin towers framing the view it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

We were very high up in the cheapish seats (not being willing to pay more than £38 a person) and had a great view of the pitch although binoculars may have been needed had we been much further away. The atmosphere was fantastic, when the crowd sang it reverberated around the stadium and you couldn’t fail but be caught up in the moment. Even The Yorkshireman, whose loyalties lie elsewhere, seemed slightly pleased that the right team won on the day.

The Blackpool end after the trophy presentation:

The Yeovil end after the trophy presentation:

Unless many £££’s are spent then the chances are we will be back in League One for the 2008-2009 season but we had some fun getting into the Championship and hopefully we’ll have more fun once the new season starts. We get to play our local and fiercely despised rivals Preston North End in this league. Which will be nice. I think Lancashire Constabulary will be less than pleased though.

Many thanks to my Mum for making the day possible in more ways than one, and to The Yorkshireman who is responsible for the better quality photos taken on the day, some of which I have blatantly stolen for this post.


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On growing up.

We have completely un-babyproofed the house now.  The stairgates and bed guard went a couple of weeks ago and today it occurred to us that the fireguard is largely redundant, given that it is heading for summer and warming up and that we never use the fire anyway as our central heating works well.   A little clearing out and rearranging of toys and suddenly the living room seems a lot bigger.  Until Little-un descends on the place like a whirling dervish and covers the place with fairy dresses, tea sets, footballs and train sets and all of a sudden it is small again.  Not long now until we have to run the gauntlet of very small pieces of lego appearing painfully underfoot.

She increasingly wants to choose her own clothes.  Today she chose a delightful combination – England football replica shirt and shorts, red wellies with faces and ladybird spots on them (no rain today!) and pink plastic jewellery.  When we went out she wore a pale blue and pink raincoat (see above re lack of rain).  I suppose I could have forced her into something more co-ordinated but decided against it.  There are enough battles without worrying about things that don’t really matter.  I’m just annoyed that I didn’t take a picture of her in all her glory.

She suddenly decided to potty train herself last month so the whole process was completely hassle and pain free.  She is now completely dry day and night and very proud of herself.  This is all fine – but she takes herself off for a wee without saying anything and then attempts to empty the potty herself.  Ewwwwgggghhhhh.  Learning fast, we have now put the potty in the bathroom so she takes herself upstairs to use it rather than doing her business downstairs then attempting to carry the full potty upstairs.  Double ewwwwgggghhhhh.

She is definitely not a baby any more.  Next year she will go to school.  How on earth did that happen?

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Work.  Frantically busy.

Social life.  All of Little’uns friends seem to be having birthday parties at the moment.   Most weekends are tied up watching toddlers get stuck in ball pools and screaming/wetting themselves/smearing cake everywhere.

Weight loss.  Slow but steady.  Total is now 17lb.

The Yorkshireman.  Still not giving in to his varifocal presciption.

That’s all folks.  Back soon.

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