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I am lonely.

I only have two friends, which happen to be my brothers so they don’t count.

Please will someone who knows how to work it come along and give me a clue???

I thank you.


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We woke up on Saturday morning to bright sunshine and temperatures hot enough to allow egg frying on car bonnets.  The sensible thing to do in such situations is to hot-foot it to the seaside where one should find the above warm temperatures and sunshine but with added cool breezes that make it all so much more tolerable.  We chose Sutton on Sea, not the closet beach to where we live but much quieter and more refined than Skegness.

The Yorkshireman’s great big shiny car has a temperature gauge so that while you sit in air-conditioned comfort you can see what temperatures the population at large have to endure outside.  We got into the car at 29°C.  By the time we got to the coast the mist had come in off the North Sea and it was 16°C.  Bugger.

Undeterred, we decided to stick it out.  We are English, after all, and we do not let such things as water vapour hanging in the air deter us from a Jolly Good Day Out.

Fortunately, under the sea wall out of the breeze it was warm enough to set up camp and The Yorkshireman could do that very important Daddy job of helping Little’un dig holes and build sandcastles.

Little’un and I went exploring and soon found a huge pile of shells and some starfish that had been washed up on the tide.  She was a bit wary of the dead crab (“It’s going to nibble my toes Mummy!”) but was fascinated by the starfish.  I am coming to realise that part of being a parent is to put your own fears aside so as not to transfer them onto your offspring, so I found myself picking one of the horrible slimy dead things up so she could get a good look at it.

Typically the sun broke through as we were getting ready to come home so we could justify having ice cream before getting back into the car.

We really must go back when we can see how nice it is there.

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