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Transplant Awareness

Tonight I would like to share with you the story of Peter Williams, the desperately ill husband of a fellow Mumsnet talk board addict who has been awaiting a heart transplant.

You can read Peter’s story here and follow his wife’s blog.  The Williams family’s life has been on hold since Peter became ill as he has been too unwell to work, to go on holiday or even to play with his three young daughters.  He has spent most of the last two years in hospital; coping with mini strokes, infections and pain.

I’ve just logged on to Mumsnet on to read that a heart has become available and Peter and his family are waiting for the results of tests to see whether it is suitable.  I can’t imagine how hard that must be, to sit waiting to know whether the heart of another person is suitable to give you your own life back.   This is not the first call they have had – just a few days ago a possible donor heart was found to be diseased and unsuitable.  How devastated would you be, to have your hopes raised and then disappointment, in a few short hours.

My thoughts are also with the donor family tonight. How brave of them in the face of personal tragedy to consider giving others the chance of life.

So please, add your name to the Organ Transplant Register. There are desperately ill people out there who could be helped. I have been on the register for some time and my nearest and dearest are aware of my wishes. Please find it in yourselves to do the same. If you need a bit more persuasion, have a look here and here.

Call to add your name to the NHS Organ Donor Register (UK) 0845 60 60 400 or register online at www.uktransplant.co.uk.

Thank you.

Edit. 9am Wednesday 15th.  Heard in the early hours of this morning that the heart was suitable and that the transplant was going ahead.  As I write, the operation is taking place.  Am now biting my nails down to nothing with nerves and anticipation – for people I have never met in real life!  Sarah and Peter’s story has touched the hearts of so many of us who have been following it over the past couple of years.  If the good wishes of enough people can help Peter come through the operation, he will be back on his feet and fighting fit in no time.

Edit. 9am Thursday 16th.  Peter came through the operation well and is now making a good recovery in ICU.  My thoughts and good wishes are with Sarah, Peter and their three gorgeous girls as the family start their new life together.  Daily Mirror article here.

Edit. Tuesday 18th September.  Peter is now out of hospital, back home with his family where he belongs.  His recovery continues to go well.  I am thinking of you all x


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Further to my post of 25th June, I am now elaborating further on Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking website that seems to be sweeping the internet community with some force of late. I love it. It’s just so… daft. You register, add a few snippets of information to your profile and the next thing you know, people are sending you fish for your virtual aquarium, throwing (virtual) beer at you, poking you (virtually) and inviting you to games of virtual scrabble*. Wonderful. You can also join groups of like-minded folk, for example BabiesEverywhere and I agree that Colin Firth will always be our Mr Darcy and I can declare my undying love of all things Top Gear.

It’s a fabulous way of wasting time. It has even torn me away from the Mumsnet talk boards (although not completely). Go and have a look – you won’t regret it.  You can trounce me at scrabble if  you like.

*Scrabble runs in my blood. My Gran was an avid player – she even had a special dictionary. She once missed a flight to Hong Kong because she was playing a game with her sister in the airport lounge and they were so engrossed they missed the final call. Sadly I am crap at it. Really, really crap. But I am getting better now that I understand what all the different coloured squares mean.

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Been on holiday

Pics of sunshine, sea and sand to follow 🙂

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