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Let me tell you about the last few days…

Little’un is not sleeping well at all.  She has been waking up several times a night, demanding CD’s, cuddles and stories (at 3am – I don’t think so!).   I decided to take a few days off work to get it sorted.  Sleep management through the night, actual sleep through the day.  Has it worked?  Well, sort of.  We have ditched the dummies with minimal fuss and after a few tears got rid of the habit of needing her story CD on in order to go to sleep (no matter what time of night).  All good stuff you might think, but Little’un has decided to go through a clingy phase and does not like being left alone.  The upshot of this is that I spend most nights sleeping at the end of her bed.  Hey ho, at least we are all getting some kip now.  She is still waking early though and the clocks go back this weekend.  That means her average waking time will move to 5am.  I Do Not Do Mornings.

I have had a nasty cold and wheezy chest.  Even the hoovering has been too strenuous for my raspy lungs (shame).  I have noticed a tendancy to get ill when I have time off work to spend at home.  As soon as my arse hits the sofa after I last clock off the bugs take over.  Tis a right bugger and no mistake.

On Monday The Yorkshireman decided that a doorframe would probably lose a fight with his little finger.  He was wrong.  A few hours and a trip to A&E later he came home with a blackened, broken finger.  Prat.

The washing machine blew up last weekend.  Apparently it caused a pretty nasty electrical-things-melting smell, but due to aforementioned man flu I couldn’t smell it.  A Nice Man is coming to fix it next week, but we will all have run out of pants by then so I’m going to spend a precious weekend morning this weekend in the launderette.

So in short – we are all knackered, we stink, I can’t breathe and The Yorkshireman is broken.  Other than that we are all doing fine.  How are you?

*ahahahaha. Yeah, right.


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I heart Dave

I have a new man in my life.  His name is Dave and I luuuurve him.  He lives in my telly and at night I sit on my sofa ogling him whilst drinking wine.

No, I haven’t traded The Yorkshireman in for a younger, zippier model with gofaster stripes… a browse through the TV channels a couple of nights ago saw us stumbling across a new channel.  Dave.  Those clever people at UKTV have created a channel that shows re-runs of everything I love best about the BBC – Top Gear, Little Britain, QI, Dragon’s Den, Buzzcocks and loads of other fabulous telly.  Channel 19 if you have Freeview.  Have a look at it.  You will delve right into my psyche.

Shame the tagline is so crap – “Dave – the home of witty banter”.  How about “Dave – marvellous telly that TigerFeet likes”?  Just as catchy I think.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to drool over Richard Hammond watch Top Gear.

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“Being a parent will teach you whole new levels of tiredness” they said.  I nodded, agreeing outwardly but inwardly I knew they were wrong.  I already knew about ubertiredness having worked mad hours in a lab (12pm-4am the following morning anyone?  For four days in a row?).  Surely I could never be as tired as I was when all that was going on?

I thought I knew better.  Oh how wrong I was.

When Little’un was first born we were tired.  The adjustment to our lives was huge – all of a sudden there was a small person who was the centre of attention.  A small person who woke three or four times a night for food.  I would sit breastfeeding her in a sort of daze through the night and then in the daytime I would catnap when I could. Of course, the first child is easiest to manage in this respect as there is no other child demanding your attention whilst the baby sleeps.  “This isn’t so bad,” I thought.   I was tired, but not cripplingly so.

We were very lucky with regard to sleeping, from the age of about 6 weeks she was sleeping more-or-less through the night and so whilst the days were pretty full-on, I could cope as I was getting proper rest at night.

Then I went back to work… and that’s when I found out that “they” were right.

Little’un is going through a phase of not sleeping well.  She wakes up scared and comes to her Mummy and Daddy for comfort.  We’ve bought her a night-light to keep the monsters away (or the rhinos or the lions or whatever it is that’s bothering her).  Still she wakes up scared.  I know it will pass.  But bugger me I am tired.

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Little’un and I made it to the farm park this weekend but not on Saturday as originally planned.  I collected her from nursery on Friday evening to be handed a party invitation… for a party at 11am the following day… which apparently had got forgotten about lost behind a radiator.  Cue frantic phone calls to the Party Parents (whom I have never met, I barely recognise this particular child never mind being on nodding terms with his parents) and an emergency present buying trip to Asda.  Hurrah for 24 hour opening say I.  So the party replaced our planned trip to the farm.  Fun was had nevertheless as the Party Parents had sensibly not invited too many children [takes notes] and the Party Child was a lovely, well mannered boy.  Another Mum (one of my aquaintance this time!) and I were trying to persuade our children to eat by feigning hunger ourselves and threatening to eat their food, when the Party Child presented us with a chicken nugget each from his own plate so that we wouldn’t be hungry 🙂  aww bless…

So we toddled off to Stickney Farm Park on Sunday.  We got there fairly late so it was lovely and quiet – we got one-on-one attention from a lovely Farm Assistant who let Little’un cuddle a guinea pig and stroke some adorable rabbit fawns cubs babies.  Little’un was entranced by the tiny rabbits and I have to admit, so was I.  Had it not been for our killer attack cat we may well have brought some home.  Probably a good job that we didn’t, after all they’d be cute for about half an hour and then proceed to be far more trouble than they would be worth. 

I don’t know what it is about small versions of everyday animals that captivates Little’un so much.  I rather suspect that this is a trait shared amongst all children, perhaps because they are small themselves they are attacted to other miniature versions of things.  She ran from field to pen to hutch looking for the baby goats, rabbits, ponies etc etc.  She was very cross because the lambs have grown up since the spring and we couldn’t feed them from a bottle any more. 

The nice Farm Assistant gave Little’un some bread to feed the geese with so we spent half an hour by the pond chucking bread in the general direction of a very excitable flock of assorted feathered bastards critters.  Geese are horrible, they are noisy and bossy and they frighten me a bit.  They do look funny when they are dabbling at the bottom of the pond though 😀

The highlight of the trip every time (for Little’un anyway, I prefer the llamas myself) is a run around the play park.  At least now she is old enough to go and play by herself while I sit watching the world go by in a corner.  Occasionally I have to pretend to be a passenger on a train “Tickets please Mummy” or the recipient of a Nice Cup Of Tea (to my annoyance I forgot to buy chocolate hobnobs this weekend – a project for next weekend I think).  I did have a bounce on the trampoline though, for as long as my poor pelvic floor could cope.

Not much got done in the way of housework this weekend.  And I really couldn’t care less.

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I’ve heard it said many a time by (usually new) parents that parenthood has inspired them to think about the future of the planet and has spurred them on to live a more environmentally friendly life.  All very noble and altruistic and I applaud anyone who thinks this way and then, more importantly, acts upon their opinions. The more that pitch in, the better for us all.  My own efforts are somewhat patchy but I am improving. However I do have to admit that my reasons aren’t just driven by wanting Little’un to grow up in a cleaner environment, but by cost as well.   Saving the planet and saving a few quid as well – everyone’s a winner 😀

I have written a very long and somewhat rambly post detailing my paltry efforts to Go Green which bored me to tears, so I’ve decided to break it down and drip feed it to you over the next little while.  Feel free to comment, suggest and tell me I am talking bollocks and it can be done better.  I am fairly new to all this, and I could do with all the help I can get.

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