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Bring it on…

So what happened in 2007?

  • Little’un started wearing glasses, was potty trained, had a visit from the dummy fairy, started talking in complete sentences (and hasn’t stopped since) and has forgotten how to sleep through the night.
  • I was poorly, total of 7 weeks off work this year for two separate ailments (nothing much changes there [double sigh])
  • The Yorkshireman got promoted at work
  • Little’un went to 20ish parties, tying up 20ish weekends [sigh]
  • After both our cars being dented for us in December 2006, we had a dent free 2007 (although there was an incident involving me, an empty fuel tank, a Very Nice Man from the breakdown service and an incredibly expensive gallon of diesel)
  • We went to the Isle of Wight on holiday during the only week of the summer that was largely sunny.
  • Blackpool FC went to Wembley and won
  • Loads of people were beyond delighted when the husband of a virtual stranger finally got the life saving heart transplant he so desperately needed.

And what is going to happen in 2008?

  • My Mum, my littlest brother and someone else who shall remain nameless will have Significant Birthdays.
  • Little’un will go to school in September.
  • I will get healthy. I really, really need to (see above re time off work).
  • I will forge ahead with my greener lifestyle…
  • … but we intend to go on a plane for our holiday this year (sorry).
  • Pewari, BabiesEverywhere and I, with attendant husbands and children, will get together for a meal. Last time it happened BabiesEverywhere had a big bump. That bump is now (counts fingers) 16 months old.
  • The Yorkshireman will spend lots of time abroad and bring back lots of lovely wine and pressies from various parts of the globe [hopeful].

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My Mum has a Christmas tradition that I am more than happy to carry on into the next generation (edit: and the one after that I suppose!) – trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.

I have cheated a bit this year and used Bird’s Trifle packet mix – but yum nevertheless.

Little’un has helped with the stirring and sugar strand sprinkling and has also proved herself a dab hand at spoon licking and bowl scraping.  She also seems to be a trifle addict along with her Mum and Granny.

So, we ate trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.  We had some trifle before then and afterwards too.  Eventually, we ran out of trifle…

Little’un:  Mummy, please can I have some trifle?

Tigerfeet:  Sorry missus we have eaten it all up, there is none left.

Little’un: (mutters under breath sulkily in manner of Kevin the Teenager) Well if there’s no trifle then I will just have to be hungry then. [pouts]

I thought they got that sort of attitude much older [hahahaha]

I do hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our everyday life.  It didn’t take much to bring it to you.  Twas but a trifling thing.  Fnar.

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Happy Christmas to All :o)

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I think it is a sign of the times that our overstretched Health Visitors sent us a questionnaire to complete in order to assess Little’un’s development rather than calling her in for her 3 year check.  Apart from her eyesight, Little’un perfectly healthy and is hitting all her milestones just fine.  There is one area in which she excels however…

Question 12.  Can your child talk in sentences of at least 5 words?

“I have got a pussy cat and his name is Charlie and he is white with a black tail and a black patch on his head and he is very beautiful and I like to stroke him and he is very soft and fluffy and he is my best friend and he sleeps on my bed and when we go to Granny’s house he goes in his box in the car and he says miaow a lot and he likes to play with me and he is very lovely and he likes to run in the garden and I love him very much and he has got a friend who is a stripy cat who comes in our house sometimes and I like his friend too and I love him very much. “

That’ll be a yes then.

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Linky linky

A link for anyone who has watched Preschoolers’ TV in the UK:

Everything you ever needed to know about certain Kids’ TV shows

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but I am starting to feel happy about the upcoming festive season so I am going to inflict the WordPress Christmas Theme on you all.  So there.

I find winter really depressing at times, for instance today it is not yet quite light 10.45am which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day.  It is raining and it is cold.  On days like today I want to hide under the duvet and surf the net all day whilst being delivered hot sweet porridge at regular intervals.  I do love those crispy, bright cold days in which we can go out and play in all the leaves that have fallen, kicking them up in the air and bringing them home to make autumn displays; but if I tried that today I would end up slipping on leaf sludge, going arse over tit and come home with a lot of washing to do.  Where’s the fun in that?

Christmas means that there are extra gloom removing lights everywhere – the town centre looked lovely yesterday when we had a wander round – with holly and berries and sparkly things dotted about.  The Yorkshireman is a rather pragmatic soul and isn’t really into decorations and shininess so I am enjoying the fact that Little’un is now old enough to appreciate it all with me.  We now outnumber him two to one when it comes to family decisions on the presence or absence of shiny things.

I’m not so keen on shopping at this time of year, although on the whole Little’un doesn’t need a buggy any more so it is a little easier to get around, but the crowds annoy me.  Whilst I like places to be busy and have an atmosphere I hate the crushing hordes, recklessly spending for no apparent reason.  We have thought carefully about what to get Little’un – Santa is bringing her things she will actually use – and thankfully we don’t have too many other people to buy for.  We don’t go overboard on food and drink either.  We’ll have a few extra glasses of wine and perhaps some cheese* and pâté and the odd mince pie and of course a lovely roast dinner but we don’t hold the opinion that it is necessary to do enough shopping to last a month just because the shops are closed for a couple of days.

The Yorkshirman and I will both be working over Christmas with just Christmas Day and Boxing Day off.  Assorted relatives will be visiting (the bit I love best) so work days will be easier than usual as Little’un will stay at home.  No morning rush.  No mad dash in the evening.  With any luck, we may even return home to a cooked meal – bliss.

The tree won’t go up for a couple of weeks yet.  My Mum’s birthday is mid-December and it was always a rule in our house that we weren’t allowed to put the decorations up until after her birthday.  She has since admitted that this is nothing to do with keeping her birthday celebrations away from Christmas but a ploy to stop us mithering to have the tree up too early.  A good idea, and a tradition I am happy to continue.

Little’un has been practising hard for her nursery Christmas production and is singing lots of new songs, her favourite being “Twelve Days of Christmas”.  She hasn’t got all the days in the right order but she knows more than I do, although being three she does change some of the lyrics.  Apparently, on the fifth day of Christmas, her true love brought to her, “Five Gold POOOOOOOOOOOOS” [cue hysterical giggling].

So I find Christmas the perfect antidote to the depressing, wet, mildewy English winter.  So please excuse me if I start getting excited a little early.

* which reminds me – must buy the Stilton and Brie now so that they are mature enough to walk by Christmas

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