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It’s January.  That must mean I have decided to have a(nother) go at shifting the extra weight I have been carrying around for the past three or four years.  This year’s method of choice is the WeightWatchers Core Plan, which involves eating lots of fruit, veg, lean meat, whole grains and low fat dairy.  It’s all good stuff.  I am going for my weekly weigh-in with a friend from work so we are supporting one another and I know at least two more people who are following WW too.  I am hoping that the change to my eating habits will be a permanent one this time, something I have never managed to achieve before. 

So far so good, lost 2lbs in the first week and 3lbs in the second week.  I haven’t done so well this week though, I had a huge choc-out when The Yorkshireman found a tin of leftover Christmas chocolates on top of one of the cupboards in the kitchen.  Still, today is a new day and all that. 

Every Sunday afternoon I make a huge pan of soup.  This week’s offering is tomato and lentil.  Surpisingly tasty and filling.  Unsurprisingly it seems to have given me wind.

Let’s see how long it lasts this time shall we?


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The Number of the Beast

Shamefully stolen from Radio 5 Live’s Drive programme, during which 666 being the number of the beast came up (although being so amused by the list that I can’t remember why it ever came up in the first place)…

666 is the number of the beast
668 is the number of the next door neighbour of the beast
£665.99 is the RRP of the beast
£55.50 will give you the beast in 12 easy instalments
1010011010 is the binary beast
0.666 is a millibeast

any more for any more?

here are my own – yes The Yorkshireman is away tonight and I am bored…

did you know that the square root of the beast is 29.8069758011279?
that the beast inverted is 0.0015015015?
that the microbiological beast is 6.66×10²?

do feel free to die of boredom join the fun 😀

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Yesterday, unusually for me, I listened to the radio in the middle of the day.  In the morning on my way to work I listen to Chris Moyles on Radio 1- not everyone’s cuppa I know but he makes me laugh and generally makes sure I am a good 95% awake by the time I get to work – and in the evening and at the weekend I listen to Radio 5 Live – I love the blend of news, current affairs, debate, sport, useless facts and humour. 

I’m usually busy doing stuff mid afternoon during the week so I have no idea what is on at that time.  Yesterday found me sitting on a train out of London (after a completely pointless trip to see a customer, a long and dull tale that I won’t bore you with) at a loss at how to entertain myself.  I remembered I had my new MP3 player in my cavernous handbag (oh how I love it, how on earth did I manage without it; oh and Pewari can I have some more recommendations for podcasts please?) and thought I would listen to Radio 1 for a bit and then mess about saving all the various stations into the presets.  Bugger me, but Radio 1 is crap in the middle of the day.  The noise emanating from my earphones was incomprehensible even though I like all kinds of music that a lot of people my age* aren’t necessarily all that fond of.

So I scanned around for something else.  To my delight a I found a Pulp track (Year 2000).  Imagine my shock and horror when it transpired I was listening to Radio 2… and preferring it to Radio 1… [weeps]

Time for a nice tartan travel rug to keep me warm next time I am travelling by train I think.

*using phrases such as “people my age” ages me somewhat as well I reckon.

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We were back at the hospital yesterday for a check up on Little’un’s wonky eye – happily no eyedrops required this time and no old men with eye patches and beards present – so it was all over and done with quickly, painlessly and without embarrassment.

Her glasses are doing the trick for now, particularly as she is soooo good at wearing them (she is the envy of her friends – there has even been tears from one little girl who wants some pink glasses of her own).  There will come a point where they stop correcting the squint so effectively and so we will then start patching the good eye to force the lazy eye to work harder.

So it’s as you were.  Back in 2 months.

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