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shakey shakey shakey

Last night, at around 1am, I had a dream.  I dreamt (dreamed?  never quite sure about that one) that I was shaking in my bed – there was a rumbling sound and everything was moving.  I woke up (sort of ish), turned over and went back to sleep, thinking nothing more of it.  This morning as I dropped Little’un off there was much excitement about an earthquake, 5.2 on the Richter Scale no less, with its epicentre around 25 miles from where we live…

I was slightly disappointed not to have woken up properly and experience it for real as it were.  Little’un’s key worker was all of a dither; she and her partner had woken up, switched the news on to see what was happening and within half an hour they’d received numerous texts and phone calls checking that they were OK.  People were out on the streets in their dressing gowns discussing what had happened.   “What fun!” I thought.  The Yorkshireman had been asleep downstairs and had half woken up and wandered outside looking for lorries going past the house (at 1am on a cul-de-sac) or cars embedded in the front wall with no result and, I think, assumed he must have dreamed it too.

Thankfully Little’un slept through it, as did the cat I believe.  This morning the press seems to have gone mad, reporting every concerned dog and fallen chimney as breaking news regarding the “Big Quake”.   Shall I email the BBC?  “The quake almost, but not quite, woke me up.”  Now there’s a news story if there ever was one 😀


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Somewhere Over The Rainbow


I got soaking wet on the way to work one day last week as I had to stop and get this shot – unhappily for me the wind was blowing in my direction so as soon as I opened the car window I got the full force of the gale in my face.  I had a quick look for the pot of gold but unfortunately had to continue on my way to the office as it was nowhere to be found.   Back to hoping for a lottery win for me.  Should maybe buy a ticket though if I am to stand a chance.

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Happy Birthday to me…

I have spend the whole day laid up with yet another chest infection.  I’ve been making good use of my ventolin inhaler today.  Looks like I may have to think about a preventative inhaler through the winter months to stop this happening.  Gah.

Anyway, I was out on Friday night, celebrating the 30th birthday of my boss (don’t you just hate it when your boss is younger than you).   We went to a pub in Spalding, just a few colleagues from work quietly drinking in the corner when I was tapped on my shoulder.  Sheryl was also out drinking in the same pub at the same time and was sitting right behind me.  She said she thought she recognised my voice but wasn’t sure it was me.  She finally realised it must be when she saw this on my wrist.  She recognised me via a bracelet that she had seen on BabiesEverywhere’s blog.  Didn’t know you were a nationally recognised jeweller did you BE?  Hee hee 🙂

Off to cough bed now.  This must be the first dry birthday I’ve had since I was 16.

Night night.

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Four weeks into my weight loss programme and I have had a significantish gain.

Why?  Well, much as I would love to blame it on water retention or the vaguaries of the menstrual cycle and its effects on the female form, the simple fact is that this week I have eaten too much.

I have been eating healthily to a point – whole grains, seeds, lean protein, complex carbs and I have been aiming for 10 portions of fruit or veg a day.  The problem is all the other crap I have been eating around that.  Half a tin of Roses left over from Christmas, half an Easter Egg (!) and a couple of stiff vodka and cokes, along with a buffet lunch at work last Friday that was originally earmarked for an auditor who cancelled at the last minute (sandwiches, cake, crisps etc etc).  My theory is that I am simply eating too much of the bad stuff on top of all the good stuff.  I have a healthy appetite and no will power – a terrible combination when one is presented with unhealthy food right under one’s nose.

I am actually very pleased with the gain.  That may sound strange, but if I had eaten this much and not gained, I would have got complacent and wrongly thought that I could eat this way all the time.  The gain is the impetus I need to examine what I am doing and fix the problem.

So today is a new start.  Back on the regime of porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch, lean protein and veg for tea, lots of snacks of fruit inbetween and the occasional small choccy bar or glass of wine.

My target for next week is to lose the 2½lbs I gained last week.  It’s my birthday on Sunday though so don’t hold your breath.

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