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My Baby is 4 Years Old

Good Lord.  How on earth did that happen?  We only brought her home from the maternity ward a little while ago.  Didn’t we? 

Anyway, we had a party.  There was an entertainer and a face painter. The children took it in turns to batter seven shades out of a pinata. I made loads of butties and opened a few packets of jammie dodgers. It was universally proclaimed as the best party of the year [proud].

Little’un is now the proud owner of a pink bike with pink stabilisers, a pink bell and a pink helmet.  She has a new pink lunch box with matching pink drink bottle in readiness for school and some pink crafty books which show how to make pink things out of pink stuff.

But I am still in denial of the fact that I am the mother of a four year old.


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