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We went for a tramp through the fields today, sadly the most wholesome outdoorsy thing we have done recently after what seems like weeks of rain.  I used to go walking far more often than I do now, in landscape somewhat hillier than that of South Lincolnshire, and I had forgotten how much I love a walk in the country.  Happily Little’un loves a bit of nature too, especially the mucky variety.  The Yorkshireman is collecting weeds for an agricultural qualification he’s studying for so we had an excuse to get extra soil under our fingernails whilst we scrabbled about for samples for him. 

Little’un has a real affinity for water.  She loves her baths, going swimming, splashing in puddles and playing in the rain.  It would appear that if the water is full of mud then so much the better.  It is essential to be correctly attired for such activites however.  Pink is de rigeur.   Just because one is a muck magnet that always has dirty fingernails and filthy-as-soon-as-looked-at clothing, does not mean that one cannot be pink and girly.  Even in a muddy puddle.


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First day at school

Little’un didn’t look back as I dropped her off this morning.  I was practically dismissed as she found her friends and ran off giggling and holding hands.  You would have been proud of me, readers, my lip trembled and tears threatened but I did not cry.

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September 2008

The nights are really drawing in now.  We have had our first misty morning and there is dew on the grass when we leave the house.  It feels distinctly chilly for the first couple of hours of the day.

Tonight, Litte’un had a good scrub in the bath and washed her hair.  We trimmed her nails and scraped out all the mud from underneath them.  She then carefully laid out her clothes for tomorrow morning having chosen a matching hair bobble.  We made sure her shoes were clean and her coat wasn’t stuffed in the back of the cupboard getting crumpled.

Because tomorrow she goes to school.

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