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… no sooner was I back then I was gone again.  The last two months have been very busy, very strange and very stressful and I just haven’t managed to get myself together enough to write.  Facebook may well be playing a part in my lack of blogging, I seem to be addicted

A brief timeline:

Pre-Christmas:  The Yorkshirman develops  man flu a cough.  I develop very little sympathy.

Christmas:  The Yorkshirman’s cough worsens.  I defrost a bit.  He is diabetic and infections can bugger him up so a little more wifely understanding is required.  He is flat out all over Christmas and I run round doing everything despite only recently having recovered from a slight cough nasty chest infection myself.  Everyone is run down and miserable.

Tuesday 30/12:  I get a phone call from work (I was on holiday over Christmas).  My job is at risk of redundancy.  I fly into a panic.

Wednesday 7/1:  I get another lifechanging surprise – a positive pregnancy test!  Oh.  My.  God.   We are delighted but I start to worry that redundancy and pregnancy don’t really mix too well.

Mid Jan:  I start throwing up.  A lot.  I can’t even keep water down.  I’m diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, prescribed some anti-emetics and signed off work.

Jan/Feb:  I continue to throw up regularly but manage to keep enough food and fluids down to function, albeit on a fairly basic level.  Very lazy parenting ensues – “Shall we put a DVD on darling?”.  The Yorkshireman continues to cough but is back on his feet.

Wednesday  4/2:  Little’un is referred for squint surgery by her opthalmologist.  The vision in her right eye has improved beyond all recognition but if anything her squint is worse so the time has come to have it corrected.

Tuesday 10/2:  My 35th birthday.   How on earth did I manage to get that old?  I have my booking in appointment with my midwife, who pretends to remember me from my pregnancy with Little’un although it was over five years ago since I was last at this point and it’s obvious to me that she has seen too many people in the intervening time.  It’s all fairly straightforward – even though I moaned a lot and had lots of niggles whilst pregnant last time it was essentially an uncomplicated pregnancy and easy birth.  I manage to keep some chocolate fudge cake down and feel a bit happier.

Mid Feb:  The Yorkshireman develops strained rib muscles having coughed solidly for two months.

Monday 16/2:  The Yorkshireman is told that there are going to be redundancies at his workplace.  He is put under 30 days’ notice.

Tuesday 17/2:  The Yorkshireman coughs whilst bending over a desk and does himself some incredibly painful mischief.  He is admitted to hospital and there is talk of blood clots in lungs and legs.  Thankfully my Mum is here to help me during half term so I can go to hospital with him without having to worry about Little’un. 

Wed 18 – Thu 19/2:  The Yorkshireman spends 36 hours on a medical assesment ward and 24 hours on a general ward waiting for scans and blood test results.  Eventually blood clots are ruled out, he is diagnosed with herniated rib muscles and is sent home with a large pile of Very Good Drugs to help with the pain.

Friday 20/2:  I finally get some good news – my job is safe.  I am yet to find out whether I can continue to work part time or if the new structure means I’ll have to go back to full time hours, but at least I have a job and I’m incredibly relieved.

So that brings us up to date.  The Yorkshireman is much improved but still coughing.  We are waiting for confirmation that his job is safe.  Little’un is a bit nervous about her impending op but is otherwise a happy and bouncy little girl.  I am now 10 weeks pregnant and I’m hanging on in there. 

I may expand on some of the above, and who knows,  I might even manage it within the next few months.


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Our fourth trip to the eye clinic today.  Little’un’s eyesight is still improving and we are refining the patching method so as to encourage further improvement.  Intead of doing fairly benign tasks such as eating lunch or watching the telly whilst wearing her patch, Little’un must now use her close vision more and do tasks such as colouring, jigsaws or bead threading with the patch on.   It’s going to be tricky to get her to concentrate on those sorts of tasks for the required time (2-3 hours a day) but the end result is worth it so we will persevere. 


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We were back at the eye clinic today.  The sight in Little’un’s lazy eye has improved vastly and the optometrist is very happy with her progress – she can see far more clearly from the lazy eye than she could at our last visit.  Because she is very longsighted in that eye she still needs to wear glasses to see at all, but to start with her vision was poor even with the specs and happily that is now no longer the case. 

Normally Little’un’s sight would be allowed to continue improving just with glasses for the time being, however as she starts school in September they are going to bring forward the start of patching in the hope that it will be dispensed with by then and we therefore won’t have to endure the nightmare hassle of patching her after school.

The idea is to put a patch over her good eye in order to force her lazy eye to work harder.  The harder it works, the stronger it will get, and the more her vision will improve. 

Little’un has been persuaded that this is a good idea by being issued pink patches with flowers and suchlike on them.  She is a little concerned that her friends will call her a pirate* but other than that seems happy enough with our new game.  She will have to wear it at nursery through the week so we shall see how that goes. 

 Given that this is only our third appointment, I am delighted with her improvement thus far.  We have been warned that the rate of improvement will slow down as time goes on and will eventually plateau but if we continue with the patching for a few months then we will get the best possible result.  All in all a very positive visit.

* Edit – I dropped Little’un off at nursery with her patch on today so as to explain the process to her carers.  As soon as we walked in through the door she was lynched by hordes of little boys who were fascinated by her pirate patch [sigh].  Thankfully they were jealous rather than scathing however there were tears from my poor little girl.  The tears have thankfully now dried and the children have been asked not to use the “p” word in connection with her patches.  Hopefully that’s the end of that.

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Happy Birthday to me…

I have spend the whole day laid up with yet another chest infection.  I’ve been making good use of my ventolin inhaler today.  Looks like I may have to think about a preventative inhaler through the winter months to stop this happening.  Gah.

Anyway, I was out on Friday night, celebrating the 30th birthday of my boss (don’t you just hate it when your boss is younger than you).   We went to a pub in Spalding, just a few colleagues from work quietly drinking in the corner when I was tapped on my shoulder.  Sheryl was also out drinking in the same pub at the same time and was sitting right behind me.  She said she thought she recognised my voice but wasn’t sure it was me.  She finally realised it must be when she saw this on my wrist.  She recognised me via a bracelet that she had seen on BabiesEverywhere’s blog.  Didn’t know you were a nationally recognised jeweller did you BE?  Hee hee 🙂

Off to cough bed now.  This must be the first dry birthday I’ve had since I was 16.

Night night.

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We were back at the hospital yesterday for a check up on Little’un’s wonky eye – happily no eyedrops required this time and no old men with eye patches and beards present – so it was all over and done with quickly, painlessly and without embarrassment.

Her glasses are doing the trick for now, particularly as she is soooo good at wearing them (she is the envy of her friends – there has even been tears from one little girl who wants some pink glasses of her own).  There will come a point where they stop correcting the squint so effectively and so we will then start patching the good eye to force the lazy eye to work harder.

So it’s as you were.  Back in 2 months.

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Little’un has recently developed a pronounced squint so today we have been to see the Orthoptist and Opthalmologist to get it looked at.  Turns out she is long sighted so she now needs to wear glasses.  Any tips on getting a three-year-old to keep her glasses on/not break them/not use them as a toy will be very gratefully received!

Given that we have spent a lot of the day either at the Outpatient Department of the local hospital or at the Optician, Little’un has been a total star today.  There was an awful lot of waiting around… 

First we had to queue for aaaaages at the Outpatients’ Reception, then hang around in the waiting room for our appointment to be the prerequisite 30 minutes late.  We saw the Optrometist who measured the squint (35-40°) and did some basic visual checks showing that Little’un’s left eye is fine, her right is fairly long sighted and her eyes work reasonably well together.

Next we waited.  She then had eye drops to dilate her pupils.  She took this very well and was rewareded with a Jaffa Cake (yum).  Then we waited again – for over an hour.   During this time we managed to find a half eaten apple in her coat pocket, eat more Jaffa Cakes and annoy assorted old ladies by singing together and playing with toys that went ding.  I thought that this low level annoyance was probably preferable to having a small, bored child kicking off in the waiting room.

Finally we got to see the Opthalmologist who did a thorough examination and eye test, resulting in a prescription to correct both her long sight and her squint.  Given that she is three and can’t yet read properly, the eye test was done using lights and lenses.   Little’un took it all very well, it was all just a game for her thankfully.

We met up with The Yorkshireman for a lovely lunch of roast ham, chips, salad and cake to cheer ourselves up after an incredibly long morning.  Then it was off to town to choose some frames.  She has chosen some pink (Really?  You do surprise me!) metal frames.  Nothing else would do so I didn’t push her into the purple ones I preferred.  She looks perfectly gorgeous in the pink ones anyway.  We collect them tomorrow – so pics to follow.

Little’un was duly rewarded for being a big brave girl with something horrible, pink and plastic from the Pink Plastic Tat Shop.  She is delighted with her new sparkly pink bracelet and is also looking forward to getting her specs – in fact being told that she couldn’t take them home with her straight away resulted in the only strop of the day.

Hopefully the glasses will help to permanently correct the squint.  I would hate for her to be picked on at school for being cross eyed – and we all know how merciless children can be.

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I hate being ill.  I am bored senseless but as soon as I try to do anything more strenuous than reach for a cup of tea I double over, coughing and wheezing, into a wobbly mass on the floor.  It ain’t pretty, I tell ya.

I have resorted to typing the name of everyone I have ever met to see if I can find more people to be my friend on Facebook*.  I have 9 scrabulous games going.  MSN and Mumsnetting are a little too tricky as they involve periods of concentration of more than 20 seconds and my head hurts.  I have watched several old episodes of Top Gear, and have decided that I definitely prefer Richard Hammond with his old, short hair.  I have been surfing round peoples’ blogrolls.  I am running out of options, so I think I may have an afternoon nap (how old am I?  Might as well be 83).

To top it all off, Little’un has two parties this weekend and one next weekend.  Oh the joys of parenthood 🙄

One of the few advantages of being a full time working Mum is that Little’un has a full time place at nursery.  When I am ill, she can go off and be happy and noisy somewhere else and I can slob out on the sofa and recover.

I’m off for a kip now.  Or perhaps a bath.  I think I may have a sleep in the bath.  We mothers are good at multitasking you know.

 *Dear X.  You may remember me from such shows as School Y or College Z.  Purleeeeze be my fwend.  I am poorly and bored and feeling needy.  Yours, Tiger.

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