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My Mum has a Christmas tradition that I am more than happy to carry on into the next generation (edit: and the one after that I suppose!) – trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.

I have cheated a bit this year and used Bird’s Trifle packet mix – but yum nevertheless.

Little’un has helped with the stirring and sugar strand sprinkling and has also proved herself a dab hand at spoon licking and bowl scraping.  She also seems to be a trifle addict along with her Mum and Granny.

So, we ate trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.  We had some trifle before then and afterwards too.  Eventually, we ran out of trifle…

Little’un:  Mummy, please can I have some trifle?

Tigerfeet:  Sorry missus we have eaten it all up, there is none left.

Little’un: (mutters under breath sulkily in manner of Kevin the Teenager) Well if there’s no trifle then I will just have to be hungry then. [pouts]

I thought they got that sort of attitude much older [hahahaha]

I do hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our everyday life.  It didn’t take much to bring it to you.  Twas but a trifling thing.  Fnar.


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Rosemary says No

On Tuesday I became a nyoooooooo membah chez Fat Fighters Rosemary Conley and so spent the evening flailing around like a frog in a blender at an exercise class.  I looked a total fool as I am the World’s Least Co-ordinated Woman but it was a laugh and I have to say that I enjoyed myself immensely.

The diet’s another thing though. When you join you get put on a 2 week kick start diet of 1200 calories a day.  That’s not enough to keep a gnat alive never mind an overweight TigerFeet, so after spending yesterday starving and then getting awful indigestion when I finally ate my low fat small dinner I have decided to go my own way foodwise.  I will stick to a lot of the diet as it advocates healthy eating in a big way, concentrating on low-GI foods which is something I happen to believe in.  However I will be upping the calorie intake.  Most sources say that someone of my weight and height should eat around 1800 kcals a day in order to lose weight at a sensible level so I will increase my fruit, veg, salad and raw grain intake up to around that level.

Still no chocolate or wine though.  Sob.  I will be allowed small amounts after the two week introductory phase but I’m an all or nothing sort of a girl when it comes to the gastronomic pleasures in life so I may have to say no to my two favouritest things for a little while longer.

On the plus side though, I got a lovely recipe from Rosemary’s book for low fat Turkey and Pepper Stroganoff which was actually rather tasty.

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Bloghuh #1

Things that mystify me, a blog project run by Blue Witch.

Why does plastic cheese taste so goddam good?

I am a fan of natural, unprocessed food. This is admittedly helped by the fact that The Yorkshireman works for a company that grows and supplies vegetables to the world at large so we get freebies.  I like to use fresh veg, cook things from scratch etc etc aided and abetted by the Yorkshireman who does a mean roast dinner.

However I can’t have a barbequed burger (home made, honestly 😉   )  without a slice of plastic cheese on top. It just tastes so goooooood.  Some lovely mature cheddar, blue stilton or freshly grated parmesan is wonderful in pretty much any other dish but a burger needs a pre-packed cheese slice on top otherwise it just doesn’t taste right. I just don’t get it.

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