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I’ve heard it said many a time by (usually new) parents that parenthood has inspired them to think about the future of the planet and has spurred them on to live a more environmentally friendly life.  All very noble and altruistic and I applaud anyone who thinks this way and then, more importantly, acts upon their opinions. The more that pitch in, the better for us all.  My own efforts are somewhat patchy but I am improving. However I do have to admit that my reasons aren’t just driven by wanting Little’un to grow up in a cleaner environment, but by cost as well.   Saving the planet and saving a few quid as well – everyone’s a winner 😀

I have written a very long and somewhat rambly post detailing my paltry efforts to Go Green which bored me to tears, so I’ve decided to break it down and drip feed it to you over the next little while.  Feel free to comment, suggest and tell me I am talking bollocks and it can be done better.  I am fairly new to all this, and I could do with all the help I can get.


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