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Three Things Meme

I’ve been tagged by  Pewari… it’s taken me a while to finish it but here goes…

Three Things that Scare Me:  The thought that I might sink into a black pit of depression again; that anything might happen to my family or friends; spiders – The Yorkshireman once chased me around the house with a big hairy brute in a pint glass and I actually hid in the wardrobe to get away from him.
Three People Who Make Me Laugh: Little’un, especially when she is making up stories; Peter Kay; The Yorkshireman in full rant mode
Three Things I Love: My PDA; my bed; dry white wine
Three Things I Hate: Having to work; the carpet in my hall/stairs/landing; having no dry white wine
Three Things I Don’t Understand: Mandarin Chinese; why people don’t respect each other more; why people don’t recycle more
Three Things On My Desk: a photo of Litte’un; skanky mug (empty); lots of stuff for filing
Three Things I Am Doing Right Now: wondering whether potty training Little’un was the right thing to do at this moment in time; fancying a glass of dry white wine; ignoring the washing up
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die: Go to Glastonbury; do a 10k fun run; go on an epic train journey
Three Things I Can Do: sew (I made my own wedding dress); cook; drink dry white wine
Three Things You Should Listen To: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd; advice from the people who love you most; the sound of wind and rain when you are safe indoors
Three Things You Should Never Listen To: Anything a politician says; anything sung by Jimmy Nail; The Yorkshireman doing DIY (this generally involves Swearing of the Highest Level, although to be fair, he is currently replacing all the kitchen cabinet doors with swearing not much in evidence at all.  It must be going well!)
Three Things I’d Like To Learn: Proper French; to play the guitar, heavy metal power chords included; how to lose weight without giving up dry white wine
Three Favorite Foods: Chocolate; Sweet & Sour Pork from our local Chinese Takeaway (they do it so much better than any other place I have tried – I dread to think how); home cooked roast dinners
Three Beverages I Drink Regularly: Diet Coke; peppermint tea; dry white wine
Three Books I Read as a Kid: Magician by Raymond E. Fiest – my first proper fantasy book and the reason why I am a bit geeky now; Little Women; What Katy Did

Ooooh, now who shall I tag?


I choose Babies Everywhere, Ellie & Helen


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