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Yesterday I did the Race for Life. I pushed Lucy round the 5km course in 1 hour and 7 minutes. It was a good day for it – cloudy and a bit windy, which meant that I didn’t get too hot. Pushing a sleeping Little’un against a stiff headwind for a mile was hard work but other than that it wasn’t too tough as I walked all the way round. The Yorkshireman came along to cheer me on my way, together with Kroy and his girlfriend who had come to stay for the weekend.

My preparation for the race was not exactly as recommended, with a Chinese takeaway, wine and vodka the night before and a bloody great fry up on the morning of the race. I figured that I regularly walk that far in a day anyway (it’s not much further than walking into town and back) so there was no need for carb loading and an early night as I am hardly a serious racer.

Regardless of my inability to prepare properly for this race, it is in a very good cause so in the immortal words of Bob Geldof,

Give us your fuckin’ money”,

and sponsor me here.

Thank you 🙂

Just before the start:
And just about to cross the finishing line:


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Only 10 days to go until the Boston Race for Life.

How much training have I done?  None. 😐

How much fitter am I than I was when I started?  Not at all. 🙄

How much weight have I lost?  None. 😥

I’m going to do it anyway though, and just walk round at a brisk pace rather than attempt to run at all.  My gym attendance has had to go as I couldn’t fit it in with everything else – it’s a bit of a viscious circle really – too knackered and run down to get fit, not fit enough to stop being knackered and run down.

So if the thought of me wobbling round a 5km course far far behind all the fit young things has made you :lol:, or if you admire my courage 😉 or even if you just think I’m totally mad :mrgreen:, please please please sponsor me.  Let me know by text/email/phone and I’ll add you to the list or alternatively visit my sponsorship site and sponsor me online.

Thank you 🙂

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Race for Life

Its official… I’ve lost the plot.

For reasons that are utterly beyond me at the moment I have decided to enter this year’s Race for Life.  The event I’ve entered will be held in Boston on 9th July.  I suppose I should be grateful for the fact that Boston is in the Fens, surely the flattest landscape on the planet.  If I still lived in Sheffield, the city built on seven hills, I’d be a candidate for a comfy jacket and a room with nice padded walls.

I am really hoping to be fit enough by July to run at least half of it, in bursts of 5 minutes or so, the rest of it will have to be completed using my usual lolloping amble.  I’m already perfectly capable of walking 5km with no problems so I’ll definitely complete the course.  I’m just hoping not to be the last one across the line!

Here’s a link to my sponsorship page.  Feel free to have a look and to sponsor me, even if it’s just for a pound or two.  It all adds up 🙂 . My real reasons for doing the race are explained properly there.

I was at the gym again last night, discovering brand new muscles that don’t seem to want to do any work.  There were no treadmills available so I went on the bike, and oh my god was that ever a wake up call!  I really thought that I was fitter than I look, but that turns out not to be the case at all.  As I said above, I’m used to walking so 20 minutes power walk on an incline causes me no problem at all.  Cycling is a different story though, my thighs were screaming “Stop it! We don’t like it!” for the whole 20 minutes.  I think I’m going to have to keep the cycling up though otherwise I’m going to get too comfortable on the treadmill and not do much to improve my fitness.  Gah.

I haven’t even contemplated running yet.  I’m still too wobbly and I don’t fancy the bruises that I’ll get from the boob and tummy flappage.  I’m working on that though and my weight finally seems to be coming down.  Probably because I’ve woken up to myself and stopped the outrageous diet cheating.  I finally seemed to have learned that even though no-one has seen you eat the chocolate, the calories still count.

There are these little muscles just under my armpits that are killing me today.  What are those muscles for?   I clearly haven’t used them much over the past few years as I only lifted super light weights last night.  I look like a rugby player at the moment but I only have the upper body strength of a bowl of soggy mash.  I’m regularly beaten in battles of strength by a 20 month old, which says it all really.

If I don’t have the physique of (a blonder and pastier) Xena Warrior Princess by July I shall be seriously annoyed.

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