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First day at school

Little’un didn’t look back as I dropped her off this morning.  I was practically dismissed as she found her friends and ran off giggling and holding hands.  You would have been proud of me, readers, my lip trembled and tears threatened but I did not cry.


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Take a look at this footbridge.  It’s not a particularly pretty footbridge, granted, but it’s a footbridge of which I am most fond.  This is the footbridge that connects us to our preferred school for Little’un – the footbridge that the County Council will not take into account when calculating our route to school.  As footbridges go, it’s not a bad one really, is it?  It is sturdy, it is paved, it is easy to cross without suffering the inconvenience of getting one’s feet wet in the drain beneath.  However, because it is merely a footbridge and not a bridge across which one can drive one’s gas guzzling environment wrecking Chelsea Tractor, it is not recognised.

Given that Boston is notorious for a) its obesity problem and b) its traffic problem, it seems frankly ridiculous that walking routes to school are not used to calculate distances.  In our case, instead of a 10 minute walk I am going to have to bundle Little’un into a car and drive her across town to a school 3 miles away.  During the morning school-run rush hour that three mile drive is likely to take the best part of half an hour.  I won’t be able to leave the car at home and get the bus (bus? hahahaha, bus!) or cycle as I will have to get straight to work from the school drop off, a further 15 miles away.  There is another school that is closer but I have many and varied reasons why I don’t want Little’un to go there. 

So take another look at the footbridge.  If we lived pretty much anywhere else in England it would be good enough for children to cross to get to school.  But not here.  If you can explain to me why it’s not utter madness, I would love to hear from you.



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Little’un has not got a place at our first choice school.  The school which, even though only a 10 minute walk away is apparently too far, because a footbridge across a drain is not counted when calculating the distance to school.  The route is calculated by road and because we have to drive a far longer route than we would have to walk we are further away from the school (according to the County Council) than enough children to fill the available 40 places.


We will be appealing against the decision.  Watch this space…

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