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My Mum has a Christmas tradition that I am more than happy to carry on into the next generation (edit: and the one after that I suppose!) – trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.

I have cheated a bit this year and used Bird’s Trifle packet mix – but yum nevertheless.

Little’un has helped with the stirring and sugar strand sprinkling and has also proved herself a dab hand at spoon licking and bowl scraping.  She also seems to be a trifle addict along with her Mum and Granny.

So, we ate trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.  We had some trifle before then and afterwards too.  Eventually, we ran out of trifle…

Little’un:  Mummy, please can I have some trifle?

Tigerfeet:  Sorry missus we have eaten it all up, there is none left.

Little’un: (mutters under breath sulkily in manner of Kevin the Teenager) Well if there’s no trifle then I will just have to be hungry then. [pouts]

I thought they got that sort of attitude much older [hahahaha]

I do hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our everyday life.  It didn’t take much to bring it to you.  Twas but a trifling thing.  Fnar.


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Whilst we were quietly sitting in the quiet waiting room at the Eye Clinic today, Little’un spotted a man with a beard and an eye patch…

Little’un (at top volume):  OOOOooooohhhhh, Mummy, look, there’s a PIRATE over there!!!

Cue muffled giggles from me and hearty laughter from the Nice Ladies sitting opposite us.

The pirate man in question didn’t flinch. He was either deaf as a post or didn’t want the world to realise that Little’un had seen through his attempts to look like a normal member of society by opening his mouth and saying “AAArrrrrrrr Jim Lad”.

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Little’un’s best attempt at persuading us to buy her a guinea pig from the pet shop we went to on Saturday…

Please can I have one?  I promise I won’t put him in the bin!

We still said no.

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Tigerfeet:  Come on Little’un, you need to eat your breakfast all up so you grow big and strong.

Little’un: Mummy, I a big girl now, I three, I don’t need to eat my breakfast any more ’cause I growed up already

I told her that she isn’t a grown up yet.  She still thinks she is though.

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Little’un, after seeing The Yorkshireman post-severe-haircut

 Daddy! Your hair’s all gone!  Where it gone? Have you lost it?

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Picture the scene… a mother and daughter on a Monday morning attempting to be on time for nursery/work.  Mother is ready, small child is dragging her feet somewhat. 

Tigerfeet:  Come on Little’un, get your coat on, we’re in a hurry.

Little’un:  Mummy. *rolls eyes*  We’re not in a hurry, we’re in a house.

And she wasn’t lying either.

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