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Expect them to understand that just because Grandma & Grandad have come to visit doesn’t automatically mean she will be taken to the seaside.  When it is 4°C and incredibly windy outdoor activities will be restricted to playing on the swing in a sheltered corner of the garden only.  The beach shall remain untouched by our feet.  Donkeys will remain unstroked and unridden.  Icecream will most assuredly not be eaten.

My inlaws took Little’un to the seaside for the day last summer.  The trip obviously made a huge impact as she still talks about it now and every time she sees them she asks to go again.

Roll on the summer.


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Expect them to understand that just because they got presents on 25th December, that doesn’t mean that they will get presents on 26th, 27th, 28th…

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…expect them to be the angel in the nursery nativity play without tears.

Poor Little’un, as soon as she clapped eyes on The Yorkshireman and I in the audience, all rehearsals were forgotten and she just wanted a cuddle from her Mummy and Daddy. She got so distraught she had to be taken out of the play 😦 . We both had to go back to work after the production and so had to leave the nursery staff to calm her down. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Being a working mum is really hard sometimes.

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Expect them to understand that they can only have one chocolate out of the advent calendar each day.

We have a lovely fabric advent calendar with pockets for each of the days.  There is a Santa-on-a-Stick that you can move from pocket to pocket each day and a big pocket for Christmas Day that you can leave a present in.  We hit upon the marvellous idea of buying some little chocolate Santas to put in the pockets so that Little’un could have one each day.


She knows there is more than one chocolate and is adamant she should be able to eat them all now.  They have therefore been put out of sight and she has one occasionally on a random basis when one of us remembers they are there.

Like the pantomime, we’ll try again next year.

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Take them to a pantomime.

They get scared when the baddie comes on and starts talking about eating children.

Just don’t do it.

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