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Happy Christmas to All :o)


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If you have a child that think that the epitome of all that is good is a place that has trains, a beach, sea, pebbles, ducks and ice-cream then Dawlish is the place to go. It’s a very pretty seaside town right on the main train line between London and Plymouth and also has a park full of interestingly different ducks, geese and swans. We spent a very happy day there.

The train line runs right along the sea front to the north of the town centre, so you can walk along the sea front with the beach on one side and the train track on the other. The trains are fairly frequent and most of the train drivers are kind enough to wave at excited two year olds who jump up and down in delight and wave frantically every time one goes past :).


The beach in the centre of town is very pebbly with a bit of sand, but if you walk north just a couple of hundred yards, to just before the first major groyne, there is a lovely sandy bit that stretches down to the sea which was much kinder to Little’un’s feet. She really wasn’t keen on walking on pebbles.

It was just so funny when she fell in the sea 😀 (Not that I find other people’s misfortunes entertaining you understand. Well not much.) She was paddling and got knocked over by a wave, she got up, whimpered a bit, gave the sea a filthy look and just carried on with her day.

Lucy plays in the sand

We all found the beach fascinating – there were pretty pebbles, interesting shells and lots of seaweed, all far more interesting than the beaches nearer home which tend to be made up of sand and chip papers.

The Beach at Dawlish

The only downside to Dawlish beach is that you have to keep an eye on the tide. The sea comes right up to the sea wall in most places so if you’re not careful you’ll end up swimming home.

Once the tide started to bring the sea a bit too close for comfort, we got dried off and went for a wander round the town. There’s a smashing bakery facing onto the park (wish I could remember its name) where we bought food to munch on whilst we sat down and watched the ducks for a bit. When I say sit down and watch the ducks, I actually mean follow Little’un round while she chased aforementioned ducks, and try to stop her from falling into the pond in her enthusiasm to stroke one or tickle one with a feather.

Apparently Dawlish is famous for its Black Swans. I wasn’t aware of this as in my usual ignorant state I hadn’t heard of either Dawlish or Black Swans until not long before we got there; but we went there, I saw them and very nice they are too.

If you ever find yourself on the South Devon coast, you could do far worse than spend a day in Dawlish.

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So why Tiger Feet?  Well, “Tiger Feet” by Mud was number one in the charts on the day I was born.  I suspect it was also Pewari‘s birth day song, as she is a whole 5 days older than me, the old trout.

I was also born in the year of the Tiger, according to the Chinese horoscope.

Quick poll:  How many of you now feel old?  How many of you have no idea who Mud are as they are too young to remember them?

I hope you enjoy the video.  I’m partial to a bit of glam rock myself.

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Here’s a bit of film for you of Little’un playing with Siblings 1 & 2 and the OnDigital monkey.  It’s a bit repetitive, so once you’ve seen the first couple of minutes you’ve seen it all, but enjoy it anyway :).  Those of you who last more than a couple of minutes will notice that after a while I thought a portrait orientation would be a good idea – completely forgetting that this would make watching the film a little awkward for the non-contortionists.  Oh well.

The more observant amongst you may notice that Sibling 2 (far left) only appears to have one arm – he dislocated his shoulder last week in a nasty archaeology incident involving a lump of granite and a wheelbarrow 😯 so his arm is in a sling and tucked inside his tshirt.

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To Granny

This is especially for my Mum, but you’re all welcome to have a look 🙂

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