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Four weeks into my weight loss programme and I have had a significantish gain.

Why?  Well, much as I would love to blame it on water retention or the vaguaries of the menstrual cycle and its effects on the female form, the simple fact is that this week I have eaten too much.

I have been eating healthily to a point – whole grains, seeds, lean protein, complex carbs and I have been aiming for 10 portions of fruit or veg a day.  The problem is all the other crap I have been eating around that.  Half a tin of Roses left over from Christmas, half an Easter Egg (!) and a couple of stiff vodka and cokes, along with a buffet lunch at work last Friday that was originally earmarked for an auditor who cancelled at the last minute (sandwiches, cake, crisps etc etc).  My theory is that I am simply eating too much of the bad stuff on top of all the good stuff.  I have a healthy appetite and no will power – a terrible combination when one is presented with unhealthy food right under one’s nose.

I am actually very pleased with the gain.  That may sound strange, but if I had eaten this much and not gained, I would have got complacent and wrongly thought that I could eat this way all the time.  The gain is the impetus I need to examine what I am doing and fix the problem.

So today is a new start.  Back on the regime of porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch, lean protein and veg for tea, lots of snacks of fruit inbetween and the occasional small choccy bar or glass of wine.

My target for next week is to lose the 2½lbs I gained last week.  It’s my birthday on Sunday though so don’t hold your breath.


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It’s January.  That must mean I have decided to have a(nother) go at shifting the extra weight I have been carrying around for the past three or four years.  This year’s method of choice is the WeightWatchers Core Plan, which involves eating lots of fruit, veg, lean meat, whole grains and low fat dairy.  It’s all good stuff.  I am going for my weekly weigh-in with a friend from work so we are supporting one another and I know at least two more people who are following WW too.  I am hoping that the change to my eating habits will be a permanent one this time, something I have never managed to achieve before. 

So far so good, lost 2lbs in the first week and 3lbs in the second week.  I haven’t done so well this week though, I had a huge choc-out when The Yorkshireman found a tin of leftover Christmas chocolates on top of one of the cupboards in the kitchen.  Still, today is a new day and all that. 

Every Sunday afternoon I make a huge pan of soup.  This week’s offering is tomato and lentil.  Surpisingly tasty and filling.  Unsurprisingly it seems to have given me wind.

Let’s see how long it lasts this time shall we?

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Weigh In

Good grief, has it really been so long since I last posted?  Time is running away from me at the moment.

I was too embarrassed to come on here and tell you all that I gained 2½ lbs last week, but I have lost them again now (those pesky pounds, they are always coming and going) so I am happy again.

I measured myself last night and have lost 1½ inches from my bust, an inch from my waist and 1½ inches from the widest point around my hips.  I was delighted with that as I am struggling to see any difference in how I look despite having lost a stone in weight.  The Yorkshireman (bless him) assures me that my clothes look less tight – a lot of my clothes are starting to feel a bit looser now which makes me shudder to think how tight they must have looked before the weight started coming off.

Progress is slow and a little erratic but the general direction is in the right way.

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Weigh In

Hurrah hurrah hurrah I have lost my first stone (that’s a competely arbitrary and non-celebratory 14lbs for anyone in America).

It has taken 9 weeks which is rather a long time to take to lose a first stone when you have as much to lose as I do, but nevertheless I am very pleased to have hit that milestone.

And in other news… The Yorkshireman has taken a rather large step toward middle age – a visit to the optician at the weekend resulted in a prescription for his first ever varifocals to replace his single vision long distance specs.  He has had to peer at small print for a while and has finally had to give in to the inevitable 😀

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Weigh In

Another 2½lbs off this week 😀

I’m delighted as I wasn’t expecting as much as that.  I weighed myself on my bathroom scales before going to weigh-in to get an idea of what was coming and they showed a loss of a pound.  That disappointed me as I had been eating properly all week and not a jot of alcohol had passed my lips so I thought a paltry pound was a little unfair.  Naturally I trust the scales at class more than I trust my own cheapo ones…

We had a new routine at aerobics which I found easier than the old one.  Not sure if that’s because it was easier or if I’m just a little fitter than I was a couple of months ago.

Only a pound to go and the first stone will have gone.

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Weigh In

4½ lbs off this week 😀

Obviously I’m delighted with that – only another pound and I’ll be back to where I was two weeks ago…

I feel much better for it – not as bloated and swollen and clothes are starting to feel looser now.  I’m getting plenty of exercise too.  All the running backwards and forwards to the loo thanks to eating so much fruit and veg must equal at least a mile a day.

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I put on 5½lb last week – I knew I had put a bit of weight back on but that number shocked me almost into a stunned silence.  I didn’t think it was possible to put on that much weight in just seven days.  I’m putting it down to a combination of things – a week of not eating whilst ill followed by a few days’ birthday overindulgence and lack of exercise  (I am still coughing and my lungs won’t survive an aerobics session at the moment.  I thought it best not to upset the rest of the class by either coughing up a load of green goo every two minutes or simply just expiring on the floor).  I have also swelled up, my feet and hands are really puffy.

My beloved Blackpool got knocked out of the FA Cup last night, had they managed to keep their twice won lead they would have been rewarded with a money spininng away trip to Chelsea , but it was not to be.  Never mind, I couldn’t have afforded to go to the game anyway.  Stamford Bridge is the most expensive football ground in England and a ticket, travelling costs and buying food and drink whilst out would have come to more than £50 each.

Little’un threw the tantrum to end all tantrums last night when I tried to get her ready for bed and bit me on the shoulder, drawing blood.  What do you do about that?  I gave her to The Yorkshireman after telling her that it isn’t nice to bite, how would she like it if I bit her etc etc and tried (successfully I think) not to completely lose my rag with her.  We were all friends again by bedtime though.

Well that was the last 24 hours.  Am feeling sorry for myself today.  And I can’t even console myself with chocolate <sob>

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