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Those nice people over at Best Blog on WordPress have written a really lovely review about my little site.

I suggest you all pop across there and read some reviews and maybe find new blogs for your blogroll.

They really do have marvellous taste.


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Work is ridiculously busy at the moment, we have a number of major product launches coming up in the next couple of months so getting everything ready to hit the shelves is taking a lot of my time, hence the lack of blogging.

Little’un and I had an unexpected day off together on Tuesday.  She had thrown up at nursery on Monday so was excluded for 24 hours, but was absolutely fine the following day so we spent a lovely day at Stickney Farm Park.  Little’un was feeling brave so she helped to feed the lambs and I got to have a bounce on a trampoline with her which was the most fun I’ve had in ages.  Thankfully my pelvic floor is now up to trampolining 2½ years after Little’un’s birth 😀

The Yorkshireman is a very happy Yorkshireman indeed after receiving a shiny new laptop with lots of bells and whistles.  He is squinting at it though as he hasn’t got round to getting himself some middle-aged varifocals yet.

Our kitchen renovation is nearly complete.  Only the tiling to be finished now and it’s all done.  The Yorkshireman has done it virtually single-handedly.  He will be available after its completion for a reasonable rate.  Assuming I don’t find anything else for him to do 😉

Can’t wait for work to calm down, I am going to take a week off and do nothing.

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Weigh In

Good grief, has it really been so long since I last posted?  Time is running away from me at the moment.

I was too embarrassed to come on here and tell you all that I gained 2½ lbs last week, but I have lost them again now (those pesky pounds, they are always coming and going) so I am happy again.

I measured myself last night and have lost 1½ inches from my bust, an inch from my waist and 1½ inches from the widest point around my hips.  I was delighted with that as I am struggling to see any difference in how I look despite having lost a stone in weight.  The Yorkshireman (bless him) assures me that my clothes look less tight – a lot of my clothes are starting to feel a bit looser now which makes me shudder to think how tight they must have looked before the weight started coming off.

Progress is slow and a little erratic but the general direction is in the right way.

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First day of spring.

Yeah, right.

All the daffs in my garden are broken due to the wind and covered in snow.

It’s freezing cold today and damp.


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What is it with the weather at the moment?

Last week it was lovely – blue skies with a few lovely white fluffy clouds scattered about for aesthetic effect, light winds, actual warmth in the sunshine etc etc.  The daffs came out and all the stuff in the garden that we assumed must be dead started to make a comeback.  The goddam grass grew a good inch, if not more, last week.

This week?  It’s cold.  Very windy.  Tomorrow it will snow, only a few flakes but that should be enough to totally stuff up the roads.  We Brits are traditional types and don’t let a little thing like common sense get in the way of our “snowbound in less than an inch” madness.

I only hope that all the buds in the garden will survive the cold snap.

Now, where did I put me long johns?

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Expect them to understand that just because Grandma & Grandad have come to visit doesn’t automatically mean she will be taken to the seaside.  When it is 4°C and incredibly windy outdoor activities will be restricted to playing on the swing in a sheltered corner of the garden only.  The beach shall remain untouched by our feet.  Donkeys will remain unstroked and unridden.  Icecream will most assuredly not be eaten.

My inlaws took Little’un to the seaside for the day last summer.  The trip obviously made a huge impact as she still talks about it now and every time she sees them she asks to go again.

Roll on the summer.

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Weigh In

Hurrah hurrah hurrah I have lost my first stone (that’s a competely arbitrary and non-celebratory 14lbs for anyone in America).

It has taken 9 weeks which is rather a long time to take to lose a first stone when you have as much to lose as I do, but nevertheless I am very pleased to have hit that milestone.

And in other news… The Yorkshireman has taken a rather large step toward middle age – a visit to the optician at the weekend resulted in a prescription for his first ever varifocals to replace his single vision long distance specs.  He has had to peer at small print for a while and has finally had to give in to the inevitable 😀

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